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From the owner –

“For years I have felt that the guayabera shirt needed a change. Fashion is always changing and in most cases cyclical. But the shirt that has defined my culture’s style had not evolved and been improved upon. When I use to buy my guayaberas from the store, I felt I was just buying a decent quality shirt…for alot of money (and it was nothing special). My favorite type of shirt couldn’t keep up with my style, many mens style for that matter. My first thought and intuition told me, remix the guayabera. Reinvent the guayabera shirt in such a way that everyone will be able to recognize it, connect with it, and appreciate the style. I felt I had an obligation to myself, my family, and my heritage to create something that only enhanced the shirts longevity. This shirt is recognized all throughout the world, I just want people to know the easy way to pronounce guayabera, Y.A.Bera…and know that we have one for every style and occasion.”

Mr. “Y.A.Bera” 

Y.A.Bera Clothing is all about casual elegance. We brought back the classic iconic style of the guayabera with a modern twist. The nostalgic guayabera takes us back to a time when people lived at a slower pace and enjoyed life fully. And it’s updated features make it a perfect fit for today’s man. Snap Down Collar to keep your look clean and kept. Three quarter sleeve latch for long sleeve shirts, lets you roll up your sleeve and perfect that casual look. Cool & Original artwork created by real talents around the world. Perfect Pin-tuck Pleats give you the iconic guayabera look and stretch for comfort. Cigar/Pen pocket conveniently placed at the chest providing great access right at your fingertips. Waist pockets on some pieces giving you an entirely new way of dressing. We pride ourselves in our heritage and take honor in creating a stylish guayabera. Take a closer look at our guayabera collection, it’s a new great journey for an iconic style.

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